Love Diary
2002-10-05 09:34:14 (UTC)


Little about me:

23 Years old. Male.
Like: reading, theatre, gf, beer

Dislike:people who waste my time:o

We need to buy a house soon. Need more space. Gf has so
many things and she gets terribly attached to it. I love
her and I would do anything for her but some things are
:o. I wanted to get married but she doesn't:o...maybe so
that she can leave when it suits her :o.could be.
Anyway, she seemed happy so...she doesn't want children
and I'm not sure if I do or not.We're both working but
really if we were married everything would be so much
easier. Lots of benefits...when that happens I am going to
go back to school. I mean money is important:o.
I don't really get her sometimes. When we met she was the
one who approached me etc. Yes, flattery. Well since I met
her I never stopped smiling or laughing...so...