Cold chillin

Bernie Calderon
2002-10-05 08:38:58 (UTC)

Online friendship...

"ok we'll i'll talk to you later....Love ya... take care
and God Bless..."

that is usually how i end most online conversations in one
way or another. have u ever noticed that when you talk 2
someone online, it is so easier to tell all your shiet than
if you were on the phone or in person. or maybe you can
easily talk 2 someone you dont really talk to much online.
its so easy to hide behind your monitor and type how u
feel. online chattin is a beautiful thing. one
conversation you can be real serious, another you can be
just jokin around, and another you can be really sad or
down. ever notice that? next time ur online, think about
your mood in each conversation, they proly all different.
4 me, i am usually online a lot. and sometimes i forget 2
put up my away message when im not around so peoples IM me
and i dont IM them back obviously since im gone and tey get
their feelings hurt cuz they think i punked them. so as
easily as u can make friends online, u can hurt them.
personally, the whole IM thing is a way for me 2 get 2 meet
people i usually dont chill wit or talk 2 people i usually
wouldnt talk 2 in person. its a great feelin IMin someone
and juss havin a deep conversation about things and than
when u get off or whatever, and be like, wow we really
then you see them the next day, and your afraid what to
say. you try not 2 discuss what was bein talked about that
much, but then later that night u talk again and get all
into it again. its a neverending cycle.
think about it... you know this is you who i am talkin
about. maybe your the one who goes online lookin for
people 2 chat wit, maybe collect a few pics in the
process. or maybe your the one who goes online and IMs
like everyone and they momma that there are so many IMs you
cant keep track anymore. or maybe your the one who goes
online and tries 2 be a "cyber pimp." or maybe your the
one who goes online just to see who's on. or hell, maybe
you juss go online and r like, well since they online, i
might as well talk 2 them 2 see whats up. as for me, i
think i honestly fit in on the latter, but im sure in all
of us a portion of us fits in each of them. you ever think
about shiet like this??