My Life!!!
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2002-10-05 06:46:18 (UTC)

i feel SOoo BAD today!

well it's been a while since i wrote in here.. but i'm
back! man i just found out one of mah homebOi's was talking
a lot of CRAP behind my back. i was like nawww he wouldn't
do that, cuz we new each other since 1st grade, and we're
tight like that! but then some other people started
telling me the same thing and now i'm like HOW CAN HE DO
THAT TO ME!!! i never talked HEAD to him and now he's doing
this to me.. well now i learned that i can't trust the GUY!
but i'm just going to keep all this shNIt to myself!!! i'm
not even going to start anything with him. well i'm HELLA
sick too... tha weather's been soo F'd UP this whole week,
it'll be cold then next thing that happens it'll be hot! o
well! o yea... that chiCk i was talking about that i'm
sooo in LUV with, we are finally going out!!! I'm SOOOOO
HAPPY!...lols i think i told you that in the other entries
but o well! okay then CYA.....


thx... for the feedbacks ANA and BERNIE! shiet finally i
got some!