lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-10-05 05:52:27 (UTC)

don't let the day go by...

ahh today was cool. went to the movies with mal, meg,
sally, kristi, carolyn, jessalyn, susan, jenny, and heaven
knows who else...the power went out twice & we got a
refund PLUS saw the whole movie. haha yay! plus
"sweet home alabama" just happens to be really cute.

then meg & i went to the game for about half an hour & i
talked to zach & justin & it was pretty cute. and i saw
brian mich...jeez who knows. haha.

and then we went to mal's house and watched nasty
graphic surgeries. wow. THE ROD is evil. haha.

and now i'm sucking the life out of poor bobby &
analyzing my life. we may never know. things get so
interesting sometimes! hahaha.