April Wynn

April Wynn
2002-10-05 05:10:34 (UTC)

Friday, October 4, 2002

Well, today was pretty boring i guess... I didn't have to
do my acting presentation, there wasnt enough time. So i
have a couple more days to memorize my lines! :P Anyway...
I talked to Justin today... and he's pretty cool about this
whole "we got somethin... but we cant figure out what"
thing. Its sorta wierd... you would have to be my GOOD
FRIEND to know what I'm talkin about. My mom talked to him
for a bit... turns out they both love Neil Diamond! (AHHHH)
I might be going to Vancouver to meet him during Christmas
holidays. YAY!!!
Yeah, so Micheal pretty much told me that he thinks I
have a big mouth... all because someone told him i was
talkin about him... oh well. Guess I could say he's a
computer peeper because that was the rumor goin around...
but i wouldn't because i dont know for a fact what he did
with those ip address' hell, he could have copied them all
down for all i or anyone else knows! Anyway, what i mean is
that i dont believe everything i hear or READ. Bye for
now :P