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2002-10-05 05:01:26 (UTC)

Conjoined Twins

On Larry King this evening, the topic is conjoined twins.
Two of the guests are sisters joined at the skull. They
both have completely different brains, and are completely
different people. They are 41 years old. And don't ever
want to be seperated.

It got me thinking, if I had children that were born
cojoined, would I put them through surgery to seperate
them? At the moment (as I have to say now as I don't have
conjoined twins and who knows how I'll feel if I do have
them) I would. Because they are different people. They
will have different lives. I can't imagine living a life
attached to someone else. Even if it is a relative.

The women talking were saying how God made them they way
that they are. And I respect that. But I don't think that
God had anything to do with it. It is nature, it happens.
The egg didn't divide entirely. It happens. If we can fix
it, and we want to fix it, why not? Good for them for
being open and positive enough and living their lives the
way that they want to. But I couldn't do it.