Meanderings of A Genius Mind
2001-07-31 03:38:47 (UTC)

July 30,2001

talking about tired i just got back from football practice,
YUP i decided to play despite all of the favoritism and was either playing football, or being in band
another year, and i think that i would like to refrain from
that. April wrote me back telling me that she read the
journal and she responded with one of hers which was nice to
read.she used a very good anology comparing life to clay, i
think that life is like a lump of clay, in a way, like April
said, we get molded by our surroundings , i think that by me
being a military child that i am constantly being molded by
the "potter" , considering that the potter is surroundings
,anyway allways being handled, has never let my clay dry out
letting me be able to have other peices of clay mold in with
me and be fine and dandy. but sometimes you might meet
someone that has not been handled and was taken off of the
wheel, and there clay has turned hard, and as we all know,
after clay is hard and kiln fired, you can drop it in the
water, and no matter how long you leave it in there, it will
never turn soft again and then the clay or paint and things
that you put on it, will allways be on the outside of the
clay and not a total part of the original creation, anyway,
i don't know if that makes any since but that is what came
out of my head, so at least it does to me, i am tired right
now, and as normal people do when they feel tiredness
do.....go for a jog!!!! can you say negitory? i am going to
FALL out of my seat,CRAWL to my room TUG on the door till
it's open and JUMP into my bed, no jogging required in this
job discription hehehe, talk to me later, bye
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