love and sex and miss-matched socks
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2002-10-05 03:54:35 (UTC)

dark hair

kinda wanting a drastic change in myself to make myself
stick out. more attention. more pizzaz. dyed my hair
kinda reddish brown. way way darker than originally. not
what i expected. but i have gotten nothing but compliments.
dad doesnt like it... but does it matter what dad likes?
nope. not a tab bit.

started smoking again. bad miranda. very bad. ehh.. ill get
over it. it kind of fits in with the whole independent
college life. the walks around campus from class to class
give me just enough time to light one up and choke it down
and get on with life.

living off a trunk of 33 cent juice boxes from walmart and
a box of animal crackers. life is grand.

no new boys. no new girls. no new news. not doing so hot in
my classes... but ill get over it. ive got another 2 months
to bring my gps up. ill get away with it. always have

jan, an old friend, is coming to visit next weekend. since
she moved she turned kinda gothic. not too excited about
showing her off in front of the people whom judge me worse
than God himself. but she is my friend... and has been
there for me since years ago... and is visiting
mememememeeee...and not them... so they all can shove it up
their asses. :D right?

life is grand.

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