The Shadow of Myself
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2001-07-31 03:34:40 (UTC)

gettin' ready..

My day was not a lot of fun.. haha. I didn't do a lot all
day until like 6 or something. I just laid out and watched
some tv. Then later I ended up cleaning my room.. putting
2 years of pictures in albums and boxes (that is very time
consuming) and I organized all the stuff that I have to
take to college so far. Then I cleaned out all my desk
drawers and my dresser drawers. I found stuff in my desk
from like 10 years ago.. seriously.. it was funny. I found
some very intersting stuff in there.. a lot of it made me
think back and smile. I ended up throwing a bunch of stuff
in the trash.. and let me just say the bag was really
really heaving. I don't know where it all came from.

So I have like 2 weeks until I go to Miami. I can't even
believe that. It's so crazy how you wait for something
what seems like forever.. and then all of the sudden it
just is here. Time flies by these days. It seems like you
spend all your time counting down to something that you
look forward to.. and when that time comes.. it's gone
before you know it. Then you just start all over counting
down again.. for the next big event. So I guess I need to
stop counting down.. and wishing away perfect opportunities
for life.. b/c I'm missing out on so much. I'm really
excited about school though! I guess a little worried too.

Well.. thats probably it for tonight. Actually one more
thing.. I just made a web page yesterday. So if you're
bored or whatever.. go check it out!

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