The Muffin Man

My Favorite Courdaroys
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2002-10-05 03:34:05 (UTC)

I never get what I want

All the girls I want are either a. not interested, b. taken
or c. all of the above. Most of the time its c. Arent I
the lucky one. Chicks dont like me.

Work will not put me on floor. They come up with all the
excueses in the world. In the end its oh we need you on
dish and broiler. *rolls eyes and makes mocking face*

Didnt get a new job.

Girls dont like me.

My cds havent come in yet.

School is stressing me out.

All in all im watching my life slowly slip through my
fingers. I have no idea what to do and things are getting
out of hand. Oh well no one to save this time. *sigh*
Maybe things will be better tommorow. Just keep saying


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