Pure Belligerence
2001-07-31 03:24:44 (UTC)

* :-( , :-) *

where to being? with the good news or the bad? heres the
deal.... ever since jeffs dad dave got custody of jeff (my
cousin) hes been losing his temper because i think its a
lot of stress on him having a kid full time, like hes never
done before. So today when gram and grandpa brought him
over my house (i'll get to why later) he told me his dad
had hit him again and threatened to hit him with the belt
if he did something again... and made his bedtime 8:00
instead of 10...... hes friggen 12 years old! and said if
jeff told anyone he would "get it." now.... jeff has
lawyers because of the whole thing that happened to my
aunt, his mom, missy which i wont get into now. But shes
trying to get the kids back and its not gonna be any time
soon. But my problem is i dont know if i should tell
anyone about this because jeff said he would tell his
lawyer but i dunno if hes just mad now and will talk
himself outta it later. I told him if he hasnt said
anything to his lawyer in a week im telling someone. Oh
and another thing..... the reason his dad got all mad was
because he was on the computer talking to me!! at night.
So his dad says he cant see me or my mom until farther
notice!! the nerve... And its gonna be really hard for me
to betray him like that..... hes like a brother to me....
but im gonna have to tell my mom if he doesnt tell anyone.
And, heh, now for the good news. Ok.. i had my interview
at big y this morning.... i woke up late but got dropped
off there 10 minutes early anyways so it didnt matter....
and denise, the lady who interviewed me, was so cool. I
got the job and then my grandma called me up to see if i
wanted to go long distance swimming with her in the lake
and i said yes.... (im also going tomorrow) but first we
went out to lunch with terry hellen and mike which was
fun. I got home, took a shower, got ready, and then it was
time to leave for my first day of drivers ed. The class is
great.... but theres only one other person from new milford
there and i dont even like him so im gonna try to convince
alicia to sign up for the class. When mother picked me up
my gram was in the car (different one from the swimming
grandma) and i wondered why... but they told me it was
because gram and grandpa had bought me an ice cream cake
from carvel to celebrate me getting my job. They brought
jeff and well....... yeah he came. On wed. i have my
orientation. And then when everyone left i called up the
emt guy about the class and got the info i need and it
starts on aug. 27th and its gonna be so cool. While i was
on the phone with him, missy, my aunt and jeffs mom came
over looking for jeff but he wansnt here so she left and
that leaves me right here..... just after she left.....
typing. Ugh..... its been a nonstop day on 5 hours of
sleep but i get off on this kind of thing ya know.... go go
go not stoping...... its great.

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