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Matt's Whining and Bullshit
2001-01-23 02:52:52 (UTC)

*Shanen* Plan for summer after..


Plan for summer after high school(according to Jessica
Cooper...for Shanen Lloyd, Jess Cooper, and Marisa Soltz):

Take Jess's SUV, rent a mobile home, and go on a
roadtrip...oh and of course marisa came up with the genius
idea 2 take a roadtrip to....Australia!! WTF? I didnt kno
they had roads on the pacific AND atlantic ocean...who
Well anyways...once we bring this tiny little problem to
Marisa's attention, Jess screams out California! So
apparently, that's where we'll be going, and me and marisa
will be the only ones who can drive. Well I dunno about
this idea...I think someone already pulled me into the
plans of going to Hawaii and renting out a house there? i'm
a lil clueless in this area. Oh and another thing, Jess has
decided that she is coming on vacation with me in 2summers
(to Australia). Wonder how I'll explain THAT one to my
parents, haha.

Tomorrow is away at Marlboro! Yay!!!! That was the team I
scored the most points against...and the game we beat them
with a 70pt. lead! I'm really excited, it's too bad the
game isn't home, b/c then for sure I'd make every single
person I know come to watch, b/c it's always better with an
audience. We don't get much of an audience. But at our home
agmes atleast, the whole Boys jv and vars. are there, and
our own personal cheerleaders(they are really good at
that). and then wen they leave, sometimes andrew will stop
by with his weight room buddies, and it's fun to have
someone yelling ur name(besides your parents of course,
that just doesnt count. they yell FOUL!!!! THAT GIRL JUST
VIOLENCE!" stuff like that...way too embarassing).
Hmm...anything interesting happen?
At the mall we almost got kicked out of a department store
b/.c amanda was "harassing" a worker for a job, funny
Oh yea, and my computer sux major monkey ballz.

OoOoh God, I just finished having the most hilarious convo.
with Brian S., and apparently so did Amanda, the kid cracks
me up and he doesnt even realize it, watta fruit.

By the and Matt got to see eachother for a few
more minutes, and it was a few more minutes of perfection=)