2001-07-31 03:24:32 (UTC)

she might die?

dont you hate when you go to a doctor and when they are not
quite sure what is wrong they give you all the
possibilities it might be then they tell you not to worrie
well i hate that today my mom went in to the doctor and for
a month she has had a temp of 100-101 and has lost 18 lbs
well they are doing alot of test and say it could be cancer
even cancer of the liver and she has to wait 10 days for
the results i have always had dreams that a doctor comes
out and says that my mom only has a few weeks to a few
months to live this is scary i dont want my mom to miss all
the big events comming up in my life

then i am still so confused about if i shoud go into the
air force or not and school is starting soon boy life sure
can through you fast hard balls