Happy days, and then those other ones
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2001-07-31 02:40:45 (UTC)

what a "great" day

I went to six flags darien lake today - a place full of
canadians, fun. (sorry, no offence, eh?) Um... well, I
had a stomach ache all day - not the after lunch rollar
coaster nausious pain, but the curl up into a ball
clutching your stomach and don't move an inch or else you
will faint with pain kind of thing. Did anybody wonder why
at 2:00 i said i wanted to be home? I only went on 1
roller coaster (half because I didn't want to get sun
stroke waiting in line for an hour) and a lot of fun other
rides that were great, but the first ache kinda thing came
then... I feel sick now because I realized that all i had
to eat was 2 multi-grain bars, 2 dippity-dots, and cheese
covered curly fries... and many pepsis. AECHNessITY!
hmmm... What a day... And then I get home full of energy,
stomach and head no longer hurting and with friends on a
porch at 9 at night, and I am happy. Things do get
better. really. And dustin? not here. coming? who
knows.... do i care? absofreakenlutely! uh huh.
hmmmmm........ I miss Dustin. I must go now.

~FiONa (mE - carly)