life is just a poker game
2001-07-31 02:38:43 (UTC)


well, had a blast at shreveport. ended up playing - got a
cool black eye in the process. looks like weird eyeshadow.
wrote a lot about the whole thing yesterday, but the
computer crashed you're just out of luck.

so, i'm moving out. we talked about it tonight, and he said
he wanted to take over the lease when the lease was up. i
would have just moved, so i said why don't you take it over
now. we went through all the shit and figured out how we're
splitting it up.

saw an ad in the campus staff paper for a 1br/1ba that's
325/month with a 150 deposit. it's probably a shithole, but
i can't afford much else. going to call tomorrow. it'd be
nice if it worked out.

told tray to call and get everything put in his name, and to
switch over the power and everything to his name. he's going
to have some trouble doing that, but we'll see how it goes.

told him to keep the computer. i have a tendency to avoid rl
by playing EQ and other various things. i don't need that
now. plus i have access at work.

we're going to sell the bed. since he gets the computer desk
i'm getting the money for the bed. he's getting the weight
bench, i'm getting the nice(r) tv and the vcr. the computer
has a dvd player, anyway. books will be easy to split. cd's
not so easy but we can make copies of what we both want. we
sold all our double copies.

i'm keeping the cats.

i don't know why we didn't do this earlier.

i can't believe we're actually doing this. that is has come
to this. that what i thought would happen has "hit a brick
wall", as he so eloquently stated.

i'm going to the dentist tomorrow. and i had a really shitty
day at work.

and i hope i make it through this.