No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2001-07-31 02:31:01 (UTC)

this goes out to you, Will!

i stood up for u without making tricia's bf mad! go me!

redstarfish2: i read ur diary
redstarfish2: oh
Aquabat445: yeah im not the happiest of people right now am
redstarfish2: nope but at least u and will can relate cuz
you know how hhe feels
Aquabat445: yeah but he ignored ashley when she was here
Aquabat445: i mean yeah when he knew she was leaving he
spent time with her but before that it was like just
another girl
redstarfish2: thats a guy for you and i dont think he did
as much as you say
Aquabat445: well from what i saw but what do i know
redstarfish2: i mean you have to give him credit she's in
ny and ur flipping and she's in maine...its gatta be hard
for him
Aquabat445: she use to be my girl but now shes... famous
redstarfish2: she in ny being trika
redstarfish2: who use to be ur girl?
Aquabat445: yeah i know but he doesnt have to hang over all
these freaking girls
redstarfish2: thats his way of coping...dont worry
Aquabat445: yeah but i dont know i guess it bugs me hes
been certain people he use to call his friends like dicks
and its wrong he doesnt need to be like that
Aquabat445: but i guess im overreacting
redstarfish2: yeah
redstarfish2: well thats the way will is and we all need to
love him for that
redstarfish2: everyone has the'r bad points
Aquabat445: yeah i guess
redstarfish2: *their
Aquabat445: yea
redstarfish2: you know how it goes
Aquabat445: im just irritated with some of the things he
does but thats okay
Aquabat445: yea the one thing that bugs me the most is that
he thinks hes always right
redstarfish2: its ok to be irritated just dont let it
consume your friendship
redstarfish2: most guys think that way
Aquabat445: i wont i just need to get it off my chest
people are really bugging me right now
redstarfish2: and will is special and unique with all his
good and bad parts or he wouldnt be Will
Aquabat445: yea i know i probably just need to see a little
less of him i guess
Aquabat445: its wearing on my nerves
redstarfish2: oh
redstarfish2: thats not kewl
Aquabat445: yea thats why i need to get some away time
redstarfish2: yup
Aquabat445: or maybe i just need to get a hold of my life
and get things in perspective