Ryan's Girl

Ryan,Ryan,and more Ryan
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2002-10-05 01:39:49 (UTC)

Ah Friday at last.......

Ya, I'm happy it's friday and all but I can't stop feeling
angry over Jessie's actions.Today, when the seventh and
eight grade boys were listening to a Salesian Presentation
(They do this so that they go to their school)All The girls
were suppose to go into the seventh grade classroom and do
classwork while the boys were in the 8th grade homeroom.
Jessie (With my luck)Sat near me and this guy(I dunno who
he was just a visitor to the school)in a gray shirt poked
his head in the classroom and Then Jessie said,"Oh my God
did you see him? He was soooo Fine!!)I opened my mouth in
disgust about to tell her what she deserved which
was,"Don't you have a boyfriend you @#!$ ??" But
fortunately i didn't or I would have really gotten
it.Anyway she kept going,"There are really fine guys at
school today" Sounding really excited she made a plan with
her b-friend,Stephanie,to get them to notice them!! I
couldn't believe my eyes or ears!!! Here she is admiring
other guys and trying to get them to notice her and she
still has the nerve of carrying Ryan's picture in her
binder.What a @#!%$ !!!! During recess Stephanie and her
Were going around in circles following them(those guys) and
they kept flashing their teeth and flirting with them. Then
they sat near me and my friends and then Stephanie said "Oh
they are Fiiiiiiine!!!!!!!" Jessie said,"C'mon lets go see
them again" I told one of my friends "Doesn't she have a
boyfriend?" And she's all "Yuuup" All I said was,"That's