ramblings of this hopeless romantic
2002-10-05 00:07:45 (UTC)


life sucks. love sucks. so does ap chem. and all the other
damn classes that take up too much of my time. no more
sleep. i just got out of a music history review session.
before that i was redoing the free response part of the
last chem test i took. i totally fucked that up. NaCl is
NEUTRAL not acidic or basic. what the hell was i
thinking??? i must be fucking stupid. barret the ass
ignores me. god i'm so fucking stupid for thinking that
i'd ever have a chance with him. so fucking stupid. i so
want to go home for the weekend now. mom's gonna be here
tomorrow morning. that's good. no more barret until suday
night. i am so fucking tired. no lunch. no dinner. .
yet. . pizza's on the way. too damn tired. i just want to
sleep. . and dream about barret--the same barret that
ignores me all the time. . i'm very pathetic. i'm soo
fucking hungry. not enough sleep. . . i'm so out of it.

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