All In A Day's Work
2001-07-31 01:43:31 (UTC)

17 more days!!

Yes, the final countdown has begun. 9 more days of work
and two full weekends!! FINALLY. I never thought it would
get here. I talked to my best friend today. I called her
from work, from the pay phone. Talked to her for about 10
minutes and spent $4.50. Well worth it though bc I miss
her!!! And then when I got home from work, she called me.
I miss her so much and I cannot wait to see her. Really,
she is the best thing to ever happen to my life and I thank
God for her everyday. Who else would make funny noises to
make me laugh, or be there with a shoulder to cry on?? I
also talked to another friend of mine tonight. He lived on
my hall and we got to be good friends. He only lives about
30 minutes from me, yet we have not seen each other all
summer. Hopefully we can get together before the end of
the summer! We have a lot of catching up to do. As soon
as school starts, it is going to be awesome. Seeing all my
friends is going to make me feel like I am really where I
belong. Don't get me wrong, my family makes me feel
welcome and all, but, when you are at this age, and in
college, it's just not fun being at home, answering to
parents. I just need to be on my own. I will still need
mommy and daddy though. We all do, no matter how old we
are! Well, I have run out of things to talk
about....imagine that!! More later~