starry nite

my own world
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2002-10-04 23:06:59 (UTC)

she didnt call

kayla asked me yesterday if i wanted to go to a show with
her steve and some girl from hccc. well she said she would
call me today, so i sat around and waited and
well...she didnt call. im not sure why, its not like i
asked to go, she invited me. but anyway guess im not going.
im really depressed. i feel even worse now then i did
before. i am alone. completely fucking alone here. i want
to die. im trying to be strong but its so hard. i was
thinking i would cut and it may help but i dont wanna have
to deal with hiding and i finally found my lighter so i
think thats what i'll do. i could use the pain. i deserve
it anyway. i am nothing.

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