Welcome to MY wOrLd
2002-10-04 22:16:00 (UTC)

My first test!

Today was the longest day I've had here, and thank god the
school part of its all over....

I started out with having a confernce on my english paper
from 11-1... good thing is i really think the teacher
liked it! Anyways after that i had statistics from 1-2..
then studied from 2-3 with max.. then we went to fucking
stat lab from 3-4... then to our stats test from 4-5...
best part is after the test i got more cigs!! haha i
totally needed them..

I dont think i did that bad on the test.. so we'll see.

Tonight, sara went in half on a 30.. so we are gonna chill
in the dorm and drink it up.. its gonna be good.. I might
go see Max later on as well..

So sara ended up getting a whole 30... haha so we got very very
drunk... I was doing an impression of how guys hump and some how i
think i dislocated my hip.. its red and inflamed and hurts when i
move.. haha oh well.. it got a few laughs

We went down stairs to tom and tylers room and they were playing
beer pong, so we played there for a while. Well Later on i guess
they got busted big time, cause when we came in my RA was walking
down the stairs and tyler was walking behind her with the bag of
empties.. I feel bad about that..

So we went to Max's dorm and smoked with him, which was nice, but
then sara wanted to leave.. but before that she wanted "water" so
she went to go to the water fountain and i went with her, i ended up
in this room with these two guys.. TURNS out one of them was the RA
of the floor.. Considering how fucked up i was i think i handeled my
self well.. sara was laying under the water fountain when i left the
room haha...

so we came back here, and tom came up to the room to see sara.. but
she ended up leaving so me and tom were like just watching tv. and
he was in saras bed and i was up in the top bunk.... Oh mind you tom
had been puking for 2 hours before that... Well Tori the ra nocks on
the door for like 5 minutes and i was to drunk to get up, so tom
gets up and goes to the door, haha and he was only in his boxers..
so tori totally thought that something was going on cause she was
like "oh im so sorry for bothering you!" haha NO NOTHING WAS GOING
ON JEEZ haha... i guess someone puked in the bathroom and she wantd
to see if i knew who it was.. thank god i didnt get busted...

Virginia stopped by later on in the night to inform me of the huge
fight that happend outside our dorm.. I guess some Uconn white boys
got into a fight with some boyz from eastern, and they were
screaming and about to fight when the cops showed up and broke it
up.. They made the eastern boys just walk off campus... and i guess
told them to walk home.. haha

After this i proceeded to jst lay in bed and watch tv.. haha tom and
i were watching BATTLEBOTS.... and then this stupid show with and
Australian who picks up raod kill and eats sandwichs with their
meat.. EWWWW.. lol anyways that was my night... hopefully sat. night
will be just as fun!

*side note* One of my friends got fucking attacked last night.. To
the person that did this, jesus christ catch a fucking hint. How
pathetic can you be? You dont need to be retarded and doign fucking
stupid shit like this to ppl. who would hurt a fly! God.