[What You Will]
2001-07-31 01:05:41 (UTC)

Is there such a thing as TOO MUCH?!

Yellow. Yep,'s 't going?
AHHHH! Well, being the type of person to be generally
obsessed or used to immersing myself in the things I like,
I wonder if there is ever a thing as too much...
I can't stop listening to the Foo Fighters, I now have a
webpage that I am putting way too much time and detail
into...but I don't even feel bad about it all. I think, it
has not yet reached the point of obsession. Maybe. I mean,
I don't think about the Foo Fighters ALL the time..but I do
kinda...I mean, just the music! *bleh, David Grohl's a dork!
I get this way about EVERTHING. Last summer it was
anime...can't say that has changed MUCH, but I'm not on my
computer downloading 100 MB of anime everyday to watch!
I'm obsessed with my boyfriend. What's new? Yah, well, I
mean, I always think about him, wonder how he's doing and
stuff. Just, I wish I could see him everyday. You kinda
have to think about the person just to not go crazy missing
Hmmmm I dunno really what I'm writing about, but I just
felt like writing...
So I just woke up from a nap. I was reading my *sarcastic*
most favorite book *ahem* "The Grapes of Wrath". I'm on pg
145 now!! Yah! Only like 355 pgs left...whooo
I fell asleep cuz I was so tired, see...but then I got up
to check my email (nothing there tho *sniffle*) and my
friend called who just got back from Japan. I think I'll
call her back tomorrow..tell her we were eating dinner and
I didn't get the message..oooh I'm so bad, but I have this
kinda social phobia *seriously!!* I only feel comfortable
writing, talking is like a fear of mine. I get scared
talking to everyone, even like my dad and mom and I've been
around them for 16 years!! It's sad...especially when I
feel uncomfortable talking to my boyfriend on the phone. I
don't like that. I hope I can get over it. It's gotten a
bit better, like when we do stuff together for a long time,
but I get really shy otherwise. It sux. Anyways, I'm just
rambling, so I think I will go. Byebye.


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