Inside Me
2002-10-04 20:50:03 (UTC)


Well work was sure interesting today! My boss left again
for awhile, so I started to clean and vaccum the back.
There was about 5 or 6 people that came in at differnt
times while he was gone. I accidently typed in 100 for
someone money they paid for the total, then I had to figure
out what change they should really get, which wasn't hard,
but I got really warm. Then I waited on the next two people
on the other computer, that was easy. I went back over to
the other one then, and tried to think of how I could fix
that before Bob got back, not that I wasn't going to tell
him, its just, I gotta learn this stuff. I searched around
and then figured out how to void what I had just done, and
then I ran it through again, this time putting the right
amount in, and then right as the right receit came out, the
ladey came back in, and asked for it, and I showed her I
had fixed it, and she was so sweet through the whole thing,
thank goodness. Well, I cleaned a little more, and some guy
brought in this huge tire! I was like oh no! I don't pick
boxes for that size item yet. Yikes! Well I typed in all
the info, and I'm like, now here's the fun part. I
meassured it once, and looked on the list, and then thought
hmm, I"ll measure it from top to bottem, because I didn't
think I measured it well enough the other way, you know how
a tire curves in along the edges. Well this guy thought I
was blond, and well you get the basic of that. He was
laughing, and said awwww that was so cute! Then he was kind
and took it back in the back for me. You know thses dudes
that are going around shooting people? Well, I just got
done cleaning the glass table top thing, and I glanced out
side, and saw I guy with a gun in a pocket carry thing, and
turned around even quicker while walking behind the
counter, and looked at the rest of him, and what do ya
know, he was a nice cop that I met when I first started.
Shooooooo, was I releaved. I told my boss all about
everything, yes including my boo boo, and guess what, I did
that right fixing it, and I picked the right box size too.
Whoooooo hooooo! Well, I wrote a lot already, so I"m going
to end here. I"ll probably write more of what I wanted
later on tonight, or just tomorrow. Take care all