And now for something completely dumb
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2002-10-04 19:50:15 (UTC)


Ok, I must point something out. About a week or so ago, I
was told that it sounds like I've never hurt anyone. I
have. But in my defense, it wasn't intentional. We had a
misunderstanding. That's not right...I misunderstood
her. I still feel bad about it. So, Andrea, I'm sorry.

I do believe you get back whatever you do. But, I feel
I've recieved much more pain than I've dealt out.

But, you know what...fuck it. I'm gonna go out and do
what I do best, have fun. I'm not gonna waste my time
looking for a girl that in the end isn't even interested
in me.

Song playin: Mona Lisa by Guster
Next person to call: Zach or Jimmy
Cigarettes thus far: 2
Dumb thing done today: Today has actually been a good day,
course we're havin a party time will