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2002-10-04 19:43:59 (UTC)

Bad Luck & Good Luck

Well my family is known for there bad luck with everything
and it really sucks sometimes. Especially with me and it
running through my blood, i have the worst luck with guys,
and when i do seem to have good luck with them, they are
always far away from me, which isn't bad until i graduate
college in four years. Last night i went to the fair with
my buddy Ian, and we went to a concert at the bud
pavillion, it was awesome, unti he started holding me and
everything, most girls would like that b/c Ian is hotter
than hell, but i was like no, and then he tried kissing me
on the ferris wheel and i was like no, my mind is wierd,
when i actually have a guy i don't want him. i dunno if it
is b/c i have met someone who lives far from me that i care
about, or if it is just b/c guys are assholes or what. even
my ex broke up with me b/c he said that he suddenly lost
feelings for me, why do guys do that?? it was really hard
for me when he broke up with me, especially to the fact it
was at work. and then there was this other guy Chris who i
had been talking to for like 5 months, i met him online,
and then he tells me 5 months later that we have
conflicting schedules and that he met this other girl that
her schedule matches right up, i can understand that, but
it's like, if you really want something to happen you can
make it happen no matter what the problem is. Long distance
relationships suck the majority of the time b/c you never
get to see the person, just keep wishin and dreamin you
might, and it's like what if you meet someone else that
lives in your town but your dating someone far away, what
do you do then?? I mean i really like this person who lives
far away from me, i would never hurt him for any reason,
don't get me wrong about that, but it was just a question.
well i gotz to go, later peoples


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