Nephanie's Life
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2002-10-04 19:32:43 (UTC)


Today sucked...Some people brought some wolfs in today so
we all got to miss 2nd and 3rd period...Woo hoo English and
Spanish!...The teachers that were next to us kept turning
and starring at jessica, olive, and me...The were like,
"Ladies be quite!" like every five minutes...of course we
never shut up jessica was singing, i was howling, and liv
was just talkin...Muahahaha...Yah and i had i had sort of a
bad day after that...I left my folder in my room...but
luckly my dad brought it to school for me...and i got a 69
on my Bio test...But i got 2 right that were marked wrong
so i actaully got like a 71 or something...But then i got
an 100 on my essay i wrote for bio so woo hoo! ...yah...