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2002-10-04 19:31:57 (UTC)

New Home, Hate it

I live in Savannah now, with my dad, sister and stepdad. I
hate it. I was sent here after I was in valley for a
week. I cut myself amd the freaking cops hauled me to the
ward. Then, the very day I got out, my mom hauled me to my
dads. I really hate it here. I would rather be back home,
working and chillin with my friends, but it won't be that
way for a long time. Maybe in a year, maybe in two. Court
may come up for a while the last weekend in october if dad
decides to stop being an asshole and lets hime come up
here. Maybe he'll take a day off and be nice to me. I
miss my mom a lot. And Ashley and Elizabeth and Dwight and
Andy and Rusty. I miss Bimmy too! I am making pretty good
grades these days. I'm gonna go now, don't know when I'll
write again.

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