all my shat
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2001-01-23 01:35:25 (UTC)

hahaha- I just want to make..

hahaha- I just want to make mention that I feel like I'm
writing my info for IM over and over again, only i can fit
so much more in here...hahaha

(this is an old one, but Ashleigh, it's about those good
nights of sleep that I know you understand...)

The rise and fall of his chest
Was all I needed
No feelings, no love
but it was perfect
It wasn't what he wanted
But I begin to wonder
Did I use him
the way he intended
to use me?

I woke up thismorning and looked outside
to see the light reflecting off the icicles
that hang from the trees outside my window
and no matter how much I hated the thought
of rolling out of bed, I'm happy I did.

I have a thing for music now.
I used to have a thing for boys
but for some reason I'm thinking
that this thing for music
is a little easier on my heart...

bad day for creativity
so I'm going to quit writing now...