Yes this is my kool diary!
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2002-10-04 19:09:04 (UTC)

just one of those days!

I'm sitting here waiting on hallie to get home from school
i really need to talk to her before her stupid girlfriend
does! im really pissed off and im going to tell denise to
stop draging me in the middle of this mess i have only
known denise for a short time, i have known hallie since i
was like 14 and im not going to lose a friend because,of
one really fucked up person! i dont understand why denise
has to pull imfo. out of me about hallie so she can just
get all pissed off at her i think it is all very imummatre
and that denise needs a lot of growing up to do. she is 17
and has been engraged 4 times! what the fuck? i am 18 and
im still waiting for my boyfriend to ask me! i think denise
has a lot to think about. she keeps blaming her ex
girlfriends because, they didnt work out maybe denise is
the reason that none of those relastionships worked out!
and all she does is ask hallie if she has been tested for
std's i would get so pissed off if my boyfried kept asking
me that i know that hallie has no std's but,denise really
needs to stop pressing the issue and not condemm her for
her past sure everyone if they are not virgins have had
sexual partners and what people need to understand is that
is in thier past! so denise really needs to grow up!
this is all i have to say at the moment!

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