No Matter How Hard I Try...
2001-07-30 23:20:21 (UTC)


if anyone reads this tell me now. i m considering turning
my diary private or just getting rid of it all together
because of jurks starting crap with me. and i am not going
to deal with it and whoever you are you need to be careful.
so if you read this or whatever.....and you actually read
my entries tell me! thanks!

Poopinater3353: you are a dumb bitch
redstarfish2: really?
Poopinater3353: yes you are
redstarfish2: who is this?
Poopinater3353: its none of your concern
redstarfish2: yes it is my concern
redstarfish2: who is this?
Poopinater3353: satan
redstarfish2: lol
redstarfish2: asl?
Poopinater3353: you need to stop saying shit about alisha
redstarfish2: huh? who is this?
redstarfish2: ok is this Dianna or Adam?
Poopinater3353: you sorry piece of shit stop changing the
backround color
Poopinater3353: poser fuck
redstarfish2: i'm not changing my background thank you
redstarfish2: now who is this?
Poopinater3353: then why is it black again nigger lover
redstarfish2: it has been black this whole time...and i
dont think so
redstarfish2: who is this?
Poopinater3353: i do think so
redstarfish2: its you alisha isnt it?
Poopinater3353: no dumb fuck
Poopinater3353: why the hell are you saying alisha is two
redstarfish2: because she is and she will admit to
it...just ask her. she says "i get a kick out of it"
Poopinater3353: no she says she gets a kick out of being
Poopinater3353: why do you think she is
Poopinater3353: if anyone you are two faced
Poopinater3353: spreading lies around about her like a slut
you arent a friend and ill kick your ass next time you say
anything about her
redstarfish2: well, how am i two faced if you know me so
well? and who are you to know me well enough?
redstarfish2: ALISHA IS A POSER!
redstarfish2: whatcha gunna do?
Poopinater3353: you fucking bitch
Poopinater3353: im coming to your house right now
redstarfish2: no, sorry i havent screwed anyone
redstarfish2: who is this?
redstarfish2: is this Linny?
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