Silent's daily ramblings
2001-07-30 22:42:43 (UTC)

Are all politicians complete idiots?

So I've been sat here with the radio on all evening
listening to people in general and politicians in
particular go on and on about that Brass Eye program from
the other night. Naturally they are all saying how
disgraceful it was etc etc etc. What all of them seem to
have missed is that the prime point of that program was to
highlight the way that politicians, celebraties and the
media jump on the bandwagon of anything that they thing
will make them look good to the public or increase sales of
their newspapers when half the time they have no real idea
of what it is that they are railing against!

Now sure, that program was pretty disturbing in parts, not
to mention distasteful, but the events of the last couple
of days have clearly shown that the satire was spot on!
When you have politicians coming out saying that the TV
company's decision to broadcast it was a disgrace and that
they should be severely censured, and then in the same
breath they admit that they havn't even seen the program,
don't they realise that all they are doing is adding
justification to what was said!!

Sheeesh some people are stupid!!