Meshed Up
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2002-10-04 16:38:43 (UTC)


uncovered a past hidden deep within a person's heart. i've
always believed there is an opposite side to what people
show to others.

why am i not surprised?

'neon shines through smoky eyes's 2am, i'm
drunk again...and it's heavy on my mind...'

someone is crying and hurting really badly. if only i can
help that person, ease the pain.

'take my heart, take my eyes...i don't need them no more...'

blackness. coldness. listening to a heartbeat reminds me of
how fragile a person is. his life, his entire being depends
on one center, pounding within his body. fragile, small,
endlessly working. to stop that one thing will mean
releasing the soul to another world where he will not be as
fragile, but will suffer just as much.

'excuse me please, one more drink...could you make it
strong?...cuz i don't need to grace is gone...'

in a few days, i'm going to die and carried to a corner
where people will not be able to see me. then i'll stand
up, and resume my day.

in a few days, i'm going to cry and kneel and sing. begging
to hide me in the brightness of his love.

'one drink to remember, another to more drink
and i'll more drink and i'll move more
drink, my grace is gone...'

flickers. light against darkness. i am unworthy.

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