My thoughts exactly...
2001-07-30 22:15:03 (UTC)

busy weekend

It was a busy weekend for me. A lot of family events going
on. That's why I haven't had a chance to enter anything.
Let's see if I can highlight anything.

Followup on the office supply store - I went back for
something else, and I didn't see the guy from the other
day, but I did see the original guy (yeah, I figured out
they were two different ones). Not bad. The guy I wrote
about is much better.

I did have another sighting yesterday, and I wanted to get
home and write about it, but too much going on. A bunch of
us went out for dinner, and the waitress was VERY nice.
She was sweet, and her voice was like music to my ears. I
somewhat took charge of the meal, in the sense that I asked
for the main foods, and I made sure everyone was happy.
She seemed to come to me to ask "if everything was OK" in
the normal serving routine - and I kinda liked it. So I
guess this falls into my #2 definition of crush...
although, I did get her name - but no number. But at least
I know where she works. Maybe I'll have the craving for
that restaurant again soon.


I just got a short note from someone who read my entries.
(Thank you for reading! And drop by anytime.) The reader
asked if I had decided if I was bisexual or not. I replied
and am anxiously awaiting a reply now.

In my reply, I stated that I wasn't sure what the question
was asking, so that's what I'm going to see if I get a
reply back. This journal is somewhat of an outlet for me,
where I can vent my feelings - whether in regards to my
sexuality, or *anything* in my life. I just feel this is a
big part, so I've share only the sexuality aspect thus
far. Maybe I'm still being vague, maybe it's somewhat
clear. Don't know. I hope I open more doors :)

Anyway, this kinda led me to talk about what I want for my
future. And it somewhat deals with this aspect of
sexuality. I envision having a family someday. I want a
sweet woman for a wife, someone who is strong and
independent as well, yet someone who I deeply care for, and
one that will return my love. I want to have children. I
don't know how many. I sometimes jot down some cool names
that I'd want for them (and of course, I'd consult with my
wife to see if she likes them :-)).

I want the rest of my family to enjoy the family I bring
into the world. I want them to have nephews and nieces to
spoil! :-) (Actually - I'm going to spoil my nephews and
nieces one day anyway... haha.)

Well, I gotta end here for now. Have some work to do.
Maybe I'll be back tonight.

Good afternoon.