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Somewhat Pathetic Life
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2002-10-04 15:31:43 (UTC)

Bored to death

As the subject says, i've been watching MTV all day. Well,
not 24 hours or course. Most of the time, my tv's tuned in
on MTV. I can't beleive that my life is so pathetic that i
have nothing to do except sleep, eat and watch tv. Well, i
can;t think of anything else to do and i'm too lazy to do
the chores. Tomorrow, we're going to my aunt's place.
Sometimes, you just don't like going to your aunt's or
uncle's house. I think they're having other guests for
dinner, too. I'm not too comfortable being with my uncle's
friends as they're strangers to me(of course) and i'd be
sitting at one corner, all quiet and bored to death. I
can't complain since its not my home and we're
invited. 'Invited' is a big word. My mom loves invitations
to dinners with my aunt plus her Harley-biker friends.
Sigh... So, wish me luck tomorrow.

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