wHaT a PhuCkEd uP LiFe
2001-07-30 21:27:33 (UTC)

fuck yeah boyeeeeeeeeee


hehe, back online, and roaring to go... how rowdy...

nothing new, really...been grounded, sounds gravy, don't grandma was in town for a couple of days, she's a
hoe, yes. brian made a livejournal, finally. (that's my
redhead if anyone didn't know, oh and i suggest not talking
any shit to him, b/c he's really great, honestly. i go to
the doctor tomorrow, for the first time. i'm a little
scared, but i think mah man is going with me, so that makes
it a little better... hm, looks like steve is back't talked to him...haha, looks like
he's "dating" mah girl though... that's a laugh and a
half... haha i haven't heard someone say that in like
4738957843 years, so i had to do it. but yeah, i've started
to notice that people are becoming more shady as the days
go by. "these are the dayz of our livez" i don't know
what's wrong with people. ya know honestly, this is for
michael and anyone else that feels this way, i don't get
what changed your opinion on me. i DON'T do signals. if i'm
thinking something, i'll tell you straight out. you ALL
should know this right now. i'm as real as it gets. and i'm
not going to apologize for anything i've done. yes, i've
made mistakes, but i don't think i should have to make up
for them to YOU. i mean, you mean a lot to me, yes, as an
image. it's a computer, and that's all i can think of you
as. so don't get me wrong or anything, but i don't have to
live up to your standards. i don't do that.

but yeah, everything else had been fucking dandy. kris has
been stupid for the last couple days, but we talked today
and i hope shit falls in place soon. i don't know what's
going on with that, and frankly, i don't feel like getting
into it.

the power keeps going out b/c of this godawful thunder, so
i'll end this.

but yeah it's fucking great to be back