Life according to Luvie..
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2002-10-04 14:08:21 (UTC)

I had the most amazing night/morning!

Dear Diary,
Hello friend! Oh my God!!! So much to type out, yet I'm so
sleepy. I love Charlie, yes, I do, I love Charlie, how bout
you? I had the best time yesterday today, whatever!

I got out of work and went home. Then Casteel told me to go
to his house. He gave his two weeks notice at work. He says
it doesn't feel right to be at work with me there. I was
relieved but I didn't play it like that. I told him that I
didn't want him to go.

Then I went over to Charlie's house! I didn't get home
until almost six this morning! Wow. . . that's all I can
say. I gave him his birthday present. . . God thank you for
blessing me with him!
Love always,

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