Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
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2002-10-04 13:35:50 (UTC)

Late Update

Its been a while since I last updated, what to say? Well
not much has been going on here. I moved rooms yesterday
(October 3rd). Switched with Lee. Relatively happy since
I'm not over in the Gheddo no more. Kat and Kurt were sad
to see me go. It was quite a surprise really, considering I
hadn't spoken to them very much over the month I was in
there. But in retorspect, I did speak to them a lot more
than anyone else in there. They made me a little card made
out of paper and stuff, it was basic but it was very nice
to see that even though I didn't talk much, I had made some
kind of friendship with a couple of people. They consider
some of the others up on the 4th floor to be stuck up,
especially one girl who shall remain nameless. Oh well,
there's always some tension in these situations.

Lee practically accused me of pretending to be gay, of all
things. He says its just an act to get close to girls or
something weird like that. Shame thats not the case, that
plan would be ingenious.

Everyone seems to be going places this weekend, except for
me. I'm all alone. Well Jess will probably be there but
she'll have Simon in with her so meh, I don't care. Got
totally wrecked a couple of days back (October 2nd) for no
real reason. Stevem had came back and there was some kick
ass Vodka on the menu, 50% Alcohol, yum yum. Was out of it
by the 3rd glass, then Lager or beer was added to that. It
was all great fun.

Well thats the gist of things with me for now. Will report
in with new info as soon as it happens.

Till next time space kittens!