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2001-07-30 21:09:06 (UTC)

Dear Diary ;-)

Haha... my first dear diary note.

These eyes are tired. They want to sleep and never wake
up... sleep forever..in a state of suspended animation. yeah
right like there is such a state in animation. Seriously
when the humans talk, I simply cannot fathom what runs
within their grey matter... squashy grey matter that is
filled with pure madness.

I'm tired, the site is getting too large, and ideas are
brimming out of my system, I cannot handle it anymore..I
just want to sleep it off
but it doesnt work... i know this isn't reality
but why am I being put into this image

need to look for a quiet place (yes, as if your PC room isnt
quiet enough..) yes, it is, but quieter, where there are no
signs of activity .. suspended activity... lol...

oh..maybe tomorrow, something will happen
DEATH partake me please
this is pure madness
pure mad ness

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