A Princess
2001-07-30 20:51:58 (UTC)

Day whatever

:( I really dont feel like telling some diary this but hey
no one else I can talk to. Today started off cool, babysat
for liam whhich was better than usual,then emma came round
and we started to wonder what to do. We foned carly and
asked her and liz out but they said they couldnt cos they
were going round matts, great thanx for inviting us matt. We
called for kate cos bradley was there and we needed
directions to james house,lol...Martin was there and kate n
james and we were like so I guess ur on ur way to matts houe
and they werent invited and they said hes not in. So we
started on our way to james c's house when we saw carly n
liz with sue, yeah sue. We told em matt was out and they
were like oh..Liz got out her fone and rang him and he said
they were still going round. Charming, we figured the others
had lied to us. We walked back to aktes to see if she really
did know but she didnt. we stayed there for a while when
Steven rang and said they were all up the field so we went
up there. There was carly, liz,bradley, steven, matt, james,
martin, chris,sue, me and emma. me and liz kinda isolated
our selves from them for obvious reasons. Matt came over &
we found out that he never invited them and they just said
it on the fone and he was like erm k if u want to...So they
tried to get rid of us great. Later thingz got better and my
pal tim came up so I was on his board, grabbed stevens hat
and I was now a skater chic :)After a while I grabbed
someones bike and was a biker chic,lol...Matt started doing
jumps, and he was jumping a load of us. We went home for tea
and were meeting later. Me and emmagot there first and
walked round for matt n james then eventually everyone came
up. Everything was funny and cool, we were playing frisbee n
bigbrother, and friends like these,lol. Then all the
secretive talked started happening, they annoy me so much!
Seems carly liz n kate aer going to sues slumber party, they
r like bestest bum chums now. Its annoying cos I used to
worry a il about this and they all reassured me that they
like me better and will be nice to her yeah but they r
alwayz on my side and now they r sleepin up each others
house and going out when Im not even invited. I really feel
like I have only got 2 friends now, kelly n emma. Everybody
else arent my real friendz and its kinda depressing, kelly,
emma, becky n linda only have like 1 best friend when I had
like 10 and I dont know how they handle it cos its so sad :(
Matt walked me home and he tried talking to me about
everything I told him he bugs me sometimes and he was like
how, blah blah sues my friend, its like hello a month ago u
werent saying that they all said how much of a bitch she was
and now "they dont want to pick favorites"? I cant handle
those people and I have absoutlutely no one to talk to,
atleast when chris was here I could talk to him, and I guess
thats not the same as speaking to someone face to face. I so
need cheering up I feel like crying and this is so not me,
usually Id just tell them were to stick it but I guess
friendship is a serious thing...Anywayz whoever who was
crazy enough to read all that rubbish thanx :)

P.S I just realised I still have Mark, Vicky and Tim :)