Scenes from a Marriage
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2001-07-30 20:49:05 (UTC)

Monday, July 30th

Okay, so I was going along having a good day, and then the
lady from Catholic Charities had to call faking concern for
my family and their loss all the while just wanting info on
the boys. UGH!! She said "You need to be sure and take
Ben to counseling, you guys need to go too and I will talk
to you in a couple of weeks!" Does she think maybe she
could just leave us alone??? I don't see why my life is
any longer any of her concern!! The lawyer needed to know
their docotor, duh!! it was the guy who wrote the 4
scriptst that were in there bag. Then they wanted to know
where they went to school, the lawyer knew that as well. I
want these damn people out of my life, I don't need
somebody calling me every couple of weeks reminding me what
a bad person I am.

Then I found out that I can be held responsible for the
money or whatever hubby would owe if the baby would be
his. They could garnish our tax refund, our shared
checking, etc. What a freaking mess, so I may have to
divorce him just to save any money I hope to have. Plus if
we are divorced first before she would claim, if she has
anything to claim, then he would owe 25% total to the two
of us. If it is just her claim then it would be 20% of his
net. Is there possibly any easy way out of this???