Living In The Dark
2002-10-04 08:49:01 (UTC)


I'm playing a waiting game with my eggs.

My husband and I have decided to have a baby. I've been on
the Pill for seven years and it has certainly done it's
job. It's also taken my hormones for an unnatural ride. I'm
in my second month of being Pill-free but I can only hope
that my cycles are regaining their focus.

I hate the Pill. I didn't want to go on it in the first
place, but it was the most reliable form of birth control
available to me. And in that category it was the least
destructive. Compared to some of the other implants and
medical options, I was taking the mild route.

I'm too impulsive to use any type of barrier method.
Condoms are terrible, no matter how thin or ribbed or
colourful or lubricated they are. My mother told me that
IUDs have extremely high infection rates. Everything else
takes too much preparation. And whose idea was that female
condom anyway??? Like you need a flap of plastic hanging
out of you.

Isn't there anything out there yet that keeps sperm from


Half a life lives a half-life
Ejected into a flabby tube
Encased in a white tissue shroud
And left to dry.