Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-10-04 06:33:11 (UTC)

i just wanna love you baby

good afternoon. its ben again just wanting to show my face
around here so you all dont forget about me. first off.. i
would like to make matt2 aware of his numerous spelling
errors in his last entry.. i couldnt believe it. he is a
much better english person than that. now ive been known to
make some spelling errors..but matt2 is better than that

so anyway. speaking of matt2, we had a nice talk after the
show the other night about how i am slowly moving towards
the "dark side"..which he is already a part of. and how it
will be weird if it happens..because that will be 3/5 of
our boy band off the market if you will. this is an
interesting idea for me because i just didnt think it was
gonna happen to me for a long time. but im down...if you

the braves better win this series..i will be really mad if
they lose.

i guess thats about i have for now.. i hope to see you all