Yes this is my kool diary!
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2002-10-04 06:19:48 (UTC)

why do men suck???

All jesse and i do is fight. why cant we get along?
i mean what the hell? why cant he go get me some damn
chesse fries? im carrying his child and he is to lazy to go
get me some chesse fries? i am so upset all he wants to do
is eat,eat.shit,eat some more.shit,sleep,eat,and so on!
i dont know what i see in him but i do love him so much im
just all pissy b/c im preggo and all i want to do is
complian about him all the time i wonder why he puts up
with it all the time i guess it is b/c he loves me hell i
dont know! he wants to be a fire fighter he just finshed
his E.M.T class now he has to go to permedic school then
off to fire acadamy and while doing that he has to work 24
hr. shifts at work! i dont know if im going to be able to
handle all this! espeslly with a baby less than 9 months
away! he says he wants to marry me and no it is not b/c im
preggo but why cant he ask me? he says he will after school
i dont know why he cnat ask me then we can get married when
he finshes school he gets all pissy b/c i want him to ask
me now he just doesnt get it! if he really loves me he will
ask me now ! and he wants everything his way or no way like
today i wanted to put purple sheets on our bed that I PAYED
for it cost me 1.500 dollars for that bed but he said i
cant put my sheets on it! well i will put my damn sheets on
it! well i really needed to vent im off to bed now it is
getting late!