Paradise HAHAHA
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2002-10-04 05:36:38 (UTC)

New Guy

I was online the other night and for some reason I went
into a chat room. Of course 5 million guys imed me to
talk. Most of them wanted to cyber. Then John ( Miami boy)
imed me. He was kewl, I knew he wanted cyber but was wasnt
so forthcoming about it. We talked for hours just playing
with the subject of sex. Then he went to bed and I called
him the day afer. He seems kewl, He's me new toy of the
month. I really think i have a complex. If i'm not
getting tons of attention from Phil i turn to outside
affection. I dont know. Oh yea mario told me last night
that he loved me....Oh shit what i'm going to do. Ahhhhh.
I havent talked to jay in a few months now and i saw him
online the other day, he still wants to be with me. Ok ok
i know that we both know that niether one of us are going
anywhere with eachother its kinda an unsaid mutual
agreement. Hum.... Guys or wierd. Never will understand
them. Yes i am still with phil. I think about him more then
ever. I dont know what the hell is wrong with me. I'm i
dumb or something??? I just dont get it. Well maybe its
just to satisfy me til i can be with phil more often. I
just need that attention. Oh yea we are having the best
sex in our relationship now its odd. once i moved out life
for us has changed for the better. well i'll tell more
later maybe love mo