It smells like poop over here
2002-10-04 05:05:27 (UTC)

i got more rhymes than the cops that are dunkin

house of pain, pure white boy irish rap, gotta love
that. if you don't, and if you think house of pain is lame,
well, then i think your lame.
anyways, i really need to brush my teeth, they're all
gritty n stuff. i think im gonna do that now. phew, that's
a lot better. im wearing a wife beater right now, and i was
just checking out my arms in the mirror, im getting a lil
bigger ever since starting that weight training class at
school. i mean, my teacher totally sucks and is all about
learning about nutrition n shit, fuck that, i know how to
eat a fucking apple, let me lift weights bitch. im trying
to build up my arms, i have a pretty big torso as it is,
and my legs don't need to get any bigger, they're massive.
im kicking myself right now for buying yet another
pack of cigarettes. i mean, i knew i was gonna do it
anyway, so why beat myself up about it. im supposed to go
to canada w/ rich and the boys tomorrow, for his birthday,
and i know were gonna be drinking, and when i drink, i
really want to smoke. plus on saturday me, joe and dean are
gonna finish off that 18 pack of blue light in my basement,
maybe smoke a lil herb. i bought smoke blacks too, i know,
trash smoke black n milds, but they taste pretty damn good.
oh yeah, so im totally in love with rich's sister. i
mean, i had dibs on her after chad, but she's going out
with this justin dude, who no one in rich's family likes,
but he's the "b/f of the week" as they say (she's been with
him for like a week after she broke up with chad which was
like 2 months ago). appearantly, she was a huge slut in
high school, and she's practically never been with out a
b/f. she's 23 and some eric dude had an egagement ring for
her (im guessing he was before chad) and she told him "well
it's too bad you didn't fight for me" the girl's 23 years
old! fucking, like 4 guys including me want this girls so
bad that they'd fucking lay down and marry her. lucky
bitch. she's so hot, and so nice though.
i just gotta get over myself being a pussy and when
she breaks up with justin, fuck that, next time i see her,
i gotta kinda seriously try to ask her out. what's she
gonna do? say no? probably, but whatever doesn't kill me
will just put me in a world of humiliation that i can
relive everytime i see her by asking her out again and
again. gotta do what i gotta do, put my "heart" on the
line, and my self-respect, which barely exists anyway, and
bite the bullet. rich will still be my boy, ill still be in
love with her and life will go on...till i get outta this
fucking town. besides, she won't go for me anyway.
laura on the other hand, i just wanna ravage her a
few times. stupid drunk mother fucker that i am, i
says "dave, if and when you and laura break up, can i date
her?" dave just shook and did his "what the fuck?" look. he
vibrates, it's funny. then i said, (i hope) "im just
kidding man, i won't date her." which i can't, she's off
limits. that's me.
oooh, i read in teen people or some shitty mag @
laura's that i (and everyone else who does this) take an
interest in those i can't have because im not ready for a
real, mature relationship. which i guess is true, i just
wannna fuck a couple hot girls, have a beautiful girl to
marry and that's about it. i suppose that might be why i
took an interest in andrea like a year and a half ago,
because she went out with dean, and im not supposed to date
my boy's ex girl you know. i said fuck it, and went after
her anyway. luckily enough dean was cool enough not to care
and forgave me, and now we're still friends, even though we
seldom hang out. but we're gonna get wasted on saturday
with our boy joe. 3 hoodlums we are. stupid stuff together
all the time. fuckin idiots.
forget this thing called love, it's a waste of time.
i don't have time for it, cause im a sucker. god damn i
hate me.


fuck, this energy drink actually worked, im all pumped up
and excited and happy. BOMB!