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2002-10-04 04:58:17 (UTC)

Above the Mark of Man

I am unsure as to this life, but I have hope for it.
Nothing ever really seems quite so certain except for the
fact that God is with me. I can pray and hope all like for
what I wish to be a reality here on earth, but what will
come of that lest I should act upon it? I will tell you
what will come if I do not act: nothing.
So what shall a man do to make his prayers and dreams a
reality? Shall he trust in God alone to accomplish what he
desires, or shall he form his desires to that of Him who he
trusts? This is what is ideally we are looking for, for
such things lie within The Absolute.
So how does one go about doing this? One must first deny
himself fully and take up the Cross of Christ, the Cause of
Christ. To do so is to leave all things behind and to
proclaim to all the earth the Truth, the Message. One must
show Christian love to all men, to all women. Living as an
example that those who slander them would feel shame.
But in a world and society such as ours, one would be
deemed as mad and thoughtless. Even those who claim to know
Christ would question the actions I have stated above. To
look back at that which we have left is surely our imminent
doom as well. Taking our eyes away from the goal placed
before us, loosing sight of what is real and good and pure
and holy and true.
So how do we really form our desires to that of Him? We
know Him. We love Him. We serve Him. To truly know Him is
to see the light and without question follow the path it
shines upon. In following this path our desires form to
that of His, for by then it is all we know and believe.

How can this ever be a reality? I doubt the human mind and
willpower held within it. We are weak and feeble, arrogant
as well as ignorant, worldly and lacking in our faith. But
there are those who do accomplish this, and they are those
indeed rich in spirit, in love, and in life. They require
and need nothing more than to seek Him in everything. I
want to be such a person.
(God, make me such a person…for it is Life…)

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