A day in the life....
2002-10-04 04:56:33 (UTC)


Life is So BUSY, but it has some of the Greatest moments
wrapped up within it. It's been about a week and a half
since i wrote last, and with good reason too. I have had 4
tests, a CPR Adult practical, and a project this past week.
Next week i have 3 tests and another project due. But this
weekend will be good. Get to go home to Brian's! speaking
of the dear boy..He Showed Up At the Swing Dance Last
Friday!!! (surprised me like no other) I couldn't believe
it, i was so happy to see him. :o)
Swing is getting interesting...i mentioned in my last entry
that i was the alternate for the performance in 2 weeks,
well unless Whitney gets better (i hope and pray she does)
i am taking over her part. She injured her foot a couple of
weeks ago and it got worse it seems. I really sincerely
hope she gets better soon.
Well...i shipped yet another of my guy friends off to the
army. Josh joined up and left a couple of days ago for
basic and MP training. God bless the boy. He's every which
way as far as his future is concerned. And Robert, my first
official shipped out, he's in South Korea now. He graduated
from signal training. I worry bout him but i got to talk to
him before he left..i miss the intellectual challenge.
I'm energetic..but i need some sleep..God bless y'all!