My So called crapy life
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2001-07-30 19:49:43 (UTC)

july 30th 2001

well today I work up about 7:15 and for some strage reason
I knew my day would be crapy. then about 7:25 I got to XC
practices and I just got home from the shore trip for XC
adn I still hurt as we started running my leg was still
stiff and I could not even run that good and every one was
like come on you can do it bobby keep running. so I did and
when I got back to the high school where we started I was
the last to show up and that was so depressing. but hay I
made it back even tho my shins and knee caps and lower back
leg was hurting and we still had to do are work out. then I
drove home because maro I'm going for my drivers licences I
hope I pass. then I can leave when ever I want. my dad was
testing me on every thing I have to do cuz he talt lots of
people how to drive and every thing you know for the test.
I'm hopen sooo bad I don't fail and soon I gotta go to work
at 6pm. it's so boring I still fin this later after I get
home from work. well I got home from work last night and work did not
go all that grate I think I was very mean to trish I fell bad now but
I hrut really bad last night I could not walk and my tummy hurt mad
bad! then I got home and wint on aol and had a lil snack