sheesh ya fuck
2002-10-04 04:52:22 (UTC)

spining stuck positioned posed..

spining stuck positioned posed at statues
nightmares screaming me home
my compass spins gravity is deceitful again
Fuck You.
swim inside me right now youll see
not enough left, yet too much plastering
i want rebirth over and over
when hope is fresh stinging in my sight
i mark out the fucking reflection
no no no no no not yet too soon too late
right there in front of you
maybe i blinded out for these months
sleeping out the sun blowing hurt away like a hurricane
stare the moon out of the sky
you are my only home.
its old.
too new to really even know what to do.
i dont know what to do i cant do this by myself
not fair i dont fucking care a penny to nothing just as
long as im there breathing
im not afraid to admit im scared i filtered my hope dry
and i want to know where i could pick up some more?
im angry and its sideways i hope it decays
my life is breaking up i saw it coming up through tunnels
just want to be loved i wish i beleived them
when they say it will be okay...someday...some day yeah! i
know your at lost for words i know its gone. thats what
makes me shit

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