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2002-10-04 04:26:28 (UTC)

leap of faith

Remember...You are the baptised child of God,
beloved of the Lord Jesus Christ, empowered by the
Holy Spirit. This God - the only God has, is, and will yet
bless you abuntantly! You can trust this way more than
anyone an earth!

perhaps that is the spiritual inspiration i needed. jen
and i are going for chai after church sunday, i can't wait.
i told her how i feel and she asked me some truly
thought provoking questions. i love her for being so
frank. she has deffinately lifted my spirits. i told her that
there is much that troubles me in the bible. she replied
with that He loves us unconditionally. we are the
children of christ. i am inspired and confused. i am now
giving more thought to what i over - looked. not only that,
but i think i might read me some bible tonight. gosh,
this is new for me, i haven't picked it up since mike left. i
wonder what he would say.

i feel so much support right now. i don't understand as
to why so many people believe in me. she said she
trusts me. i don't get it. oh well... i'm off to get me some
luke. he is my fave so far!

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